An innovative closed sinus lift technology that allows easy and simple implant placement. Injection of the Beta-TCP bone paste through the implant creates high quality bone to support implant stability. This technology significantly reduces the costs, time and risk of complications and discomfort for the patient.

Ø 3.75 mm L 11.5 mm 23-70001s
Ø 3.75 mm L 13 mm 23-70002s
Ø 4.2 mm L 11.5 mm 23-70003s
Ø 4.2 mm L 13 mm 23-70004s
Ø 5.0 mm L 11.5 mm 23-70005s
Ø 5.0 mm L 13 mm 23-70006s

The DIVA kit contains:

  • Implant DIVA
  • Internal screw
  • Syringe
  • Canula IV
  • Synthetic Bone

To place the DIVA implant, the following DIVA osteotomy must be purchased separately

(For Ø4,2 mm implants, use the osteotomies Ø2.2~Ø2.7 mm and Ø2.7~Ø3.2 mm and for the Ø5,0 mm implants also use the Ø3,2~Ø3,7 mm)

Ø2.2~Ø2.7 mm | 60-70090
Ø2.7~Ø3.2 mm | 60-70091
Ø3.2~Ø3.7 mm | 60-70092

To learn more about DIVA implants:

Advantages • Main steps • Studies and Publications

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